Did you catch last week’s edition of Russian newspaper Angliya?

Featuring in the beauty and health section, Bao-Med is listed as one of select few hair products Angliya recommend readers should try. Covering a range of haircare products, Bao-Med has been chosen for it’s amazing haircare restoring properties.

Founded in 2005, Angliya is the UK’s biggest Russian newspaper with an expending distribution list of over 25,000 copies each week. The Russian language weekly newspaper features a reliable mix of national and international news wrapped around local information, along with features of fashion, beauty, sports and culture.

Angliya audience consists mainly of Russian speakers residing in the United Kingdom both temporarily or permanently, in recent months it is also start to be increasingly read by Russian-speaking English readers.

To read the full article, please see below. For further information on the products featured in the article, you can find further information about Bao-Med food supplements and and hair oil by visiting our online store.

We have done our best to translate and it says…

Bao-med food Supplement 60 Capsules // BAO-MED.COM
Vitamins for hair and nails with a feeder – baobab powder enriched with biotin, zinc lump and folic acid those suitable for vegans. Baobab Powder is live in large numbers of Vitamin C, Calcium, Magniy, potassium and fiber.

Click the image below to view the PDF version of the article.